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Dropflush aims to return water to men and to environment in a smart, economical and widely usable way.

The solution to have more usable water is simple: avoid wasting it unnecessarily.

Every day about 141 billion litres of drinking water are discharged into the toilets.

The reason of this waste is a technological limit, the use of the hydraulic top, made by means of a syphon inside the toilet.

While the industry persists in trying to improve this technology, we simply eliminate it, and we replace it with a new generation of elastic valves, inspired by human anatomy, capable of bringing multiple technical and economic advantages and a consequent strong social impact.

The toilets, made with Dropflush technology, will be able to work by discharging drops and not litres of water, remaining fully compatible with the sewage systems and plants already functioning in houses. Dropflush technology is not only an ecologically responsible choice but also economically advantageous because water has both an environmental and an economic value.




Our mission is to return more water to man and the environment without changing people's daily habits, but simply by overcoming an obsolete technology.


To achieve this, however, we also need your help!


Unfortunately, having a patented and functioning technology is not enough.


We are an innovative start-up, we must show that our mission is shared. Therefore, we ask you to leave us your email by filling out the form below and to follow us on all our social networks.

In this way, together, we will have more attention from investors, to obtain the necessary funds to quickly carry out the project on a global scale.


We have the tools to create a change, you can make it possible!


We will reveal our technology in a more detailed way on

World Water Day: March 22.

Leave us your e-mail. You will be a big help for us.

Thanks for making it this far, see you soon.

Thanks for making it this far, see you soon.

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